How To Buy Comics

  • Step 1

    Choose Shop menu

  • Step 2

    Click BUY NOW if you want to read the comics. *Only "EBOOK"

  • Step 3

    Or you can click the product to read the comic details and click BUY NOW

  • Step 4

    you can add and subtract the amount of the purchase by clicking the + or - buttons.

  • Step 5

    Click the checkout if you have determined the comic and the amount you want to buy

  • Step 6

    Login if you already have an account and if you do not have an account you can create an account first

  • Step 7

    Fill the identity of the billing adresss for detail order/transaction

  • Step 8

    Choose your payment method on the menu that is already available

  • Step 9

    Select the method of Coins/Cut Toll/Voucher

  • Step 10

    Pilih sesuai keinginan

  • Step 11

    Enter your phone number in the Handphone No. and select the Coins to be purchased using credit

  • Step 12

    Invoices will be displayed after successful transaction results which contains a description of steps to be done next

  • Step 13

    Will receive an SMS to complete the transaction by entering the code according to the instructions.

  • Step 14

    Having entered the code correctly, you will receive confirmation that the transaction that you do have successfully

  • Step 15

    Close the window reload/voucher and Return to main page.

  • Step 16

    Click the Buy coins to complete the transaction using coins

  • Step 17

    Click Purchase to complete the transaction

  • Step 18

    Transaksi selesai, Klik Read Comic/ Download song

  • Step 19

    Comic has been in Purchase will automatically have the Read button

  • Step 20

    ...Done! and happy reading